Hop Bombs!

'Merica / UtopiaHeads up folks! All you lovers of hop bombs need to be paying attention to these new (to us) beers from the wunnerful folks at Alechemy Brewing. They been and gone and done an IPA series and these are the first two offerings. First, “Utopia” – a 6% IPA where 80% of the hops used were added post-boil. That means none of those lovely hop flavours are detracted from during the brewing process – result! Then, Batch No. 2 is “‘Merica” To quote from the bottle label: “#@$& YEAH! This American style IPA is a tip of the hat to our friends in the States who gave the world the face-melting, hop forward style of IPA we love.” We can vouch for the face-meltingness of this one!

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Wolf of Glen Moray 2014

Wolf of Glen Moray 2014Now if this doesn’t herald the onset of winter and dark nights (in a good way!) nothing will. We are delighted to announce the release of the 2014 vintage of Windswept Brewing‘s “Wolf of Glen Moray”. This is their “Wolf” dark ale, barrel-aged in Glen Moray whisky casks at the brewery, then hand bottled. The barrel ageing imbues the ale with hints of bourbon, oak, whisky, treacle toffee and chocolate and brings the abv up to a fortifying 9.2%. Dark, welcoming and warming, this ale is one to be savoured. There are a VERY limited number of these beauties, each one individually numbered. Restricted to one per customer order.

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Here to kick some ass

Black Hop Down/KiWheatTwo beauties next from Cromarty Brewing Co. There’s “KiWheat” – a juicy refreshing wheat beer made with Kiwi fruit and New Zealand hops, Waimea and Riwaka. Also the wonderful “Black Hop Down”. This is the very definition of a Black IPA in our humble opinion. It pours black as pitch but smells tropical and juicy. If you smell this blindfolded you’d swear it was “AKA”. The perfect combination of roasty flavours and pine/tropical notes. Sure-fire winner.

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Sevy Saison

Sevy SaisonNew-ness on’t website lovely customer type people! Feast your eyes on this lovely lot and then get clickin’ From the ever popular Elixir Brew Co. we now stock their excellent “Sevy Saison” a saison brewed with 5kg of hemp seeds and lashings of Cascade, Kazbek and Northern Brewer hops. Hoppy and hempy – and you just know that being from Elixir, it certainly wont be boring!

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We’re all going on a Summer Holiday (in October!)

Heads up lovely peeple! We’re off on our annual hols as of tomorrow, Thursday the 9th October for a whole week! As Keith the gargoyle is made of stone and not very flexible and George the cat doesn’t have opposable thumbs (also, neither of them can drive) there’s no-one to cover for us unfortunately. We’ve informed our wholesale customers by e-mail but for individual customers ordering from the website, please note this means that any orders submitted after 10pm tonight will not be processed and dispatched until MONDAY 20th OCTOBER.
Normal service (?) will resume on that date.
Apologies to anyone who’s desperate for beer but we promise we’ll bring you back some pressies in a pathetic bid to make it up to you

See you in just over a week! *waves*

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Jack’s Weird Quantum Siren Pressure

Siren Craft BrewWe have three utter belters from Siren Craft Brew. Gird yer loins, pin back yer lug ‘oles and get ready to salivate all over yer keyboard at these babies! Firstly, “Middle Finger Discount” is a single hop IPA. The hop in question being Mosaic and it’s aged on cedar wood. A collaboration with To Øl, this beer is packed full of tropical flavours and woody spice notes. Next up is “The Tickle Monster” – this is a triple IPA, again a collab with To Øl and again aged on cedar wood. Jam packed with hops and mango, this is a serious flavour sensation and at 12%abv could be said to pack more of a punch than a tickle! And finally there’s “Odyssey 001″ Hushed tones and due reverence for this one ladies and gents. If you like stouts then this is probably THE most delicious one you will ever taste. The base beer brewed for the Odyssey series is a rich, decadent stout brewed with muscovado sugar and liquorice root. The base beer is then aged in Banyuls (French fortified wine) bourbon and brandy barrels for over a year. The result is a dark, velvety smooth, rich beer with a near indescribable mix of flavours. 12.4%abv but this is a beer you’ll sip very slowly because you never want the bottle to end. *dribble*

Weird Beard Brew CoMore ‘newness’ in the shape of two beers from Weird Beard Brew Co. now. We have “Heaven & Hell” – we’ll let the brewers tell you about it via a quote from the bottles tasting notes: “Aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels. This double IPA is brewed with the same grain bill each time, to the same ABV and IBUs, but the late hops in each version will be whatever we think will wreak most havoc on your palates.” Sounds fair to us We also have “Decadence Stout” rich with chocolate and roast coffee flavours with just a touch of oat creaminess. Definitely decadent.

Quantum Brew CoNow, a new brewery to us, Quantum Brewing Co. from Stockport. We have their “Black IPA” brewed with Galaxy, Chinook and Cascade hops and finally dry hopped with more Chinook. A definite curiosity is their “Stockport Sour”. The Stockport Sour is a Berliner Weisse with an added twist of pineapple and Scotch Bonnet chilis – that’s got to be worth checking out, right?

Jack's AbbyHere’s a couple of curve balls for you. From the Jack’s Abby Brewing co in Massachusetts, USA we have “Cascadian Schwartzbier” at 7%abv – black lager, but properly ‘lagered’ as in aged. Also their “Hoponious Union” at 6.7%abv – a traditional IPA with a twist. It’s fermented cold and aged for extended periods. It’s brewed using American hop varieties so it’s got loads of tropical fruit flavours going on too.

Pressure Drop BrewingThere seems to be a theme running through some of our new beers this week, fruity twists to be exact. Here’s one from Pressure Drop Brewing in London (http://pressuredropbrewing.co.uk/) It’s their “Nanban Kanpai” – a wheat IPA with Yuzu, Orange and Grapefruit. There’s three of your five a day right there!

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Jaw Brewery

Jaw BrewContinuing our theme of new Scottish breweries, we’d like to introduce you to Glasgow’s newest brewery – Jaw Brew. Recently launching their first 2 commercial beers at Glasgow Real Ale Festival they now also sell their beers in bottles.
These first 2 beers are Drop – a 4.2% session pale ale and Drift – a 4.6% golden ale with a bit more body and a less forward hop profile. You’ll find them both on our website so less jaw jaw and more pour pour…..or something like that.


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Brass Castle Brewery

Brass Castle BreweryWe did things a little bit back to front with these next new beers. We took them to the farmers market before they were on the web site. We’ve decided to call this ‘thinking outside the box’ instead of admitting to being a little bit senile. It sounds better, don’t you think? Anyway, Brass Castle Brewery beers are now here and after tastings at an impromptu focus group earlier today (you can tell we’re making this up as we go can’t you?) “Sunshine” has emerged as a firm favourite. “Sunshine” is their IPA – we also have “Brass Lager”, “Flying Man” pale ale and “Bad Kitty” vanilla porter in stock. Something for everyone in that range we reckon. Also check out the nifty bottle labels – they read the same upside down* as the right way up…..intriguing, no?

*please check out the upside-downie labels BEFORE you take the top off the bottles OR after the top is off but the beer has been poured out. Top tip right there

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Black Metal Brewery

Black Metal BreweryWe like to think that here at AleselA, we’re not so fickle as to just follow trends and promote what’s perceived as popular on the beer scene at any given moment. We like to get out there, ahead of the herd and find great beers before they’re “the next big thing”. Granted, we’re as adept at blatant bandwagon jumping as the next beer seller but we also like to bring you something a bit different every now and then. We think we’ve done just that with this brewery that we’d like to introduce to you. The Black Metal Brewery is Edinburgh based and currently have two beers available in bottle form. Yggdrasil is their Pale Ale, 6.6%abv – we reckon it tastes like a Double IPA, it’s a cracking ale. Will-o-the-Wisp is a Juniper Smoked ale at 6%abv. Both absolute belters. Keep an eye on this brewery cos we reckon there’s more good things to come!

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Fallen Brewing Reboot

Fallen BrewingA revamp of some AleselA firm favourites for you lovely customer type people. We’ve been stocking Fallen Brewing Company beers for quite a while now, but they’ve recently had a bit of a facelift and are in 500ml bottles instead of 330ml bottles. Nice new eye-catching labels too. The beer inside the bottles is just as tasty as before, it’s just now there’s more of it per bottle. Good thing too in our opinion!


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