Odyssey/Deya Honey Bee Good

Odyssey/Deya Honey Bee Good

Bit of a rarity has landed in our warehouse today. Two of the most exciting new breweries in the UK just now, Odyssey Brew Co and DEYA Brewing Company got together earlier this year and brewed a beer. The resulting brew was “Honey Bee Good” – a honey milkshake pale ale. Both breweries brought honey from their respective counties (Herefordshire and Gloucestershire) to add to the beer. There was only one brew done and it’s unlikely ever to be repeated. Most of the cans were distributed to bottle shops in England but we managed to get a small amount North of the Wall! Get on it cos it won’t “bee” around forever!

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Lawman Brew Co & Elixir Brew Co – Zig-a-zig-BA

ZigAZigBASomething a bit special for you now folks. Certainly the brewers involved are a “bit special” that’s for sure. 😉 Make way for an avalanche of ‘punn-age’ coming your way! Two Barrel Aged versions of a Barclay Perkins strong bitter (originally brewed by Barclay Perkins in 1909) One Barrel Aged in an ex Bourbon cask – “Emma Bourbon” and one Barrel Aged in an ex Sherry cask – “Sherry Halliwell” Both storming in at 7.4% abv. Yes, for reasons best known to themselves, Lawman Brewing Company and Elixir Brew Co. have decided to brew a Spice Girls tribute brew and Barrel Age it. Here’s what’s on the bottle label to try and…clarify things a little for you: “So here’s the story from A to Z……in 1909 Barclay Perkins brewed their heavily hopped, strong”KK ale”. 87 uneventful years passed before The Spice Girls gave us what we really, really wanted and 90 million people agreed
We really really really wanna zig-a-zig-ah
Zig-a-zig-BA beers are an Imperial, barrel aged tribute to these British Legends. Strong, blonde, bitter and aged. To be enjoyed solo, as a duo, or see what happens when ‘two become one’…”
They’re both quite mad, obviously. They make damn good beers though – and we still have our sale on right now so you’d be daft not to!

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Fallen Brewing Co cans

Fallen Brewing CoWith the addition of “Just The Ticket” today, we now have the full range of Fallen Brewing Company cans in stock. Or to put it another way: “We now have ALL the cans, and they’re the BEST Fallen cans…..we’re going to build a WALL with the cans and get MEXICO to pay for it….BIGLY….do you know what cans are?…they contain beer and soda…..and sometimes beans and soup….but not uranius.” 😉

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Eyeball Brewing Co

Eyeball BrewingA shiny new brewery from Cockenzie has been sighted! Eyeball Brewing Ltd. has started off specialising in Lager style beers and we have their first two fresh off the bottling line. “Yellowball” is the pale Lager and “Blackball” is their dark Lager. Don’t be put off by the term Lager – these beers are true to the original style and are nothing like the mass produced fizz that passes for Lager these days. The emphasis is more on the Malt side of the ingredients rather than the hops although these are well hopped too. Biscuity, crisp flavours abound in both, proper lagers that have a well balanced depth of flavour about them. Give them a try – betcha won’t be disappointed!

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Brew York

Brew YorkMore new beers! This time from the great City of York. From Brew York brewery we have, in no particular order: Little Eagle, Big Eagle, Viking DNA, Maris the Otter, Tonkoko, Jarsa, and, so good they named it twice, Brew York Brew York. (See what they did there? Clever!) Click on the link to go to the website for more mouth watering details on all of them and then sling one of each in your trolley – we’ve still got our sale on so you’d be silly not to really

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Time & Tide

Time & TideMaking their debut on our shelves are cans from Kent brewery Time & Tide Brewing. A Session Pale, an American Pale, a Witbier, a Black IPL, an IPA and a Double Stout. Think that about covers it. We’ve got a sale on just now so treat yourself to all six – for research purposes you understand 😉


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AleselA sale!!!!

Feb 2017 AleselA sale AleselA Feb 2017 sale

As regular customers will know, we like to try and carve out our own niche here at AleselA. We don’t like to follow the herd. We’ve been busy since the start of the year scouring the beer landscape for the brightest and best new breweries. We’ve found quite a few and we’ve secured some very interesting new brews to bring to you over the next few weeks, so watch this space! Also, bucking the trend, we don’t do a January sale. We’re awkward and do one in February instead 😉 So our SALE STARTS TOMORROW! Running until the 28th of Feb, there’s 10% off EVERYTHING on the website except for the bucket list items (which are already reduced)
This is your chance to pick up some bargains – maybe a Cromarty Anniversary bottle or a growler of Nollaig? Everything is 10% off.
No code needed, the reduced prices wil be shown beside the items.
Fill yer boots!


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Beeline – Fallen Brewing & Dead End Brew Machine

Fallen BeelineWhat’s this? A Fallen Brewing Company beer in a bottle?! Why yes, yes it is. This is a one-off special, brewed in collaboration with Dead End Brew Machine. This is a honey, pear and guava saison. Very nice gentle saison but with a crisp, dry finish due to the huge honey addition. Lip-smackingly good stuff. And did we mention we have a sale on just now? 10% off until the end of this month. What are you waiting for!?


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Fallen cans – there’s more!

Fallen Brewing Co cansWe have more of the new Fallen Brewing Company cans in stock now. The legendary “Chew Chew”, “Blackhouse” smoked porter, “Local Motive” and “Dragonfly” join “Platform C” and “New World Odyssey” That’s some line up!

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FB Competition 2017Over on FaceBook we’re having a competition with a difference folks. You know how you get those “like, share & comment” competitions on FB for holidays or spa experiences etc, that are quickly populated by THE most transparently false sob stories as to why the entrant should win? Like the sob stories on X-Factor: “Torquill hasn’t had it easy since he had a blow-out in his left flip flop….” *cut to video of Torquill slowly walking in circles with a bit of a limp* Well, here at AleselA we want to positively encourage that sort of nonsense! 😀 All you have to do to WIN 12 UTTERLY DELICIOUS CANS (pictured) is LIKE, SHARE & COMMENT ON THIS POST. We want your most heart-rending, made up sob stories as to why you deserve to win. Have at it folks! 🙂
*Obviously the winner will HAVE to be 18 or over. We WILL age verify the winner through our website before awarding and despatching the prize. This competition is in no way endorsed by FaceBook. Competition closes 22nd January 2017. The results will be posted on this page once the winner has been decided, age verified and notified of their win. Good luck!

Click here to view our Facebook competition

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