Torrside Brewing

Torrside BrewingWe have a veritable cornucopia of bottles from a Derbyshire brewery, Torrside Brewing making their debut on our website this week. We’ve been hearing good things about this brewery and their wares from south of the wall so we thought we’d see what they’re all about. Turns out they brew damn good beer right enough so we thought we’d share them with you guys 😎
There are several styles to choose from ranging from “I Am Curious Lemon” pale ale at 4.8%abv, right through to “With Strange Aeons” imperial stout at 10% abv. Probably best if you visit the website for all the juicy details!
** The photo shows “Candlewick” stout bottles available but unfortunately they’ve all been snapped up already – we’ll let you know when we get some more **

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Fallen – You Can’t Spell Wheat Without IPA

You Can't Spell Wheat Without IPAA new addition to the Fallen Brewing Company range of cans has just graced our warehouse with its presence. Intriguingly named “You Can’t Spell Wheat Without IPA” it’s a thirst quenching, light and refreshing fusion between a Belgian Wit and an American IPA. Fruity esters and spices are complemented by mango, orange and grapefruit flavours from the use of Mosaic, Amarillo and Citra hops.

What’s not to like there then, eh?

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Odyssey – new beers

Odyssey Brew CoWe’ve three new beers in from the much sought-after Odyssey Brew Co in Hereford. There’s “Cassie” – A Maine inspired pale ale. Monstrous, Odyssey, quantities of Simcoe and Falconer’s Flight hops were used both in the kettle and in a double dry hop. The result is citrus, pine, mango and passionfruit with a light, dry, zesty finish. Also “Mosaic DIPA” – Rich with tropical fruits and with an underlying dreamy, juicy funk which makes it unique and much sought after. Caution has been thrown to the wind to create a Mosaic Juice monster pushing hopping and dry hopping levels to the very limit. And last, but most certainly not least, pudding is served, in the shape of “Grievous Angel #2” – Iteration number 2 brings together chocolate, orange and coffee. Fresh oranges, dried Seville orange peel, premium cacao and coffee provided by King Street Kitchen and Peter James Gourmet Coffee Roasters, Herefordshire.

That’s yer three course meal in liquid form right there!

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Cross Borders Summer Saison

Cross Borders Summer saisonSo, despite the horizontal rain, it is in fact summer here at AleselA Towers. To celebrate that fact, we have a VERY limited edition honeysuckle and rose saison from those lovely people at Cross Borders Brewing. They created this seasonal saison with the help of Hipsters & Hobos using locally foraged ingredients. They’ve also named it “Summer” – for the benefit of the hard of thinking 😉 Floral, summery and easy drinking, it comes in a 660ml bomber that’s perfect for sharing. This is a truly seasonal brew and is as scarce in numbers as suntanned Scots – so one bottle only per customer 😎

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Brew York cans galore

Brew York cansWe have not one, not two but FIVE new beers for you today folks! All from the same brewery but when you realise that brewery is Brew York, things get even better 😎 In no particular order the new beers are: “Dante’s Helles” – Helles lager brewed in the true Munich tradition, and subtly bittered with US Mount Hood hops. Clean and crisp, the perfect summer drink for lager purists. “Triple H” – hazy, hoppy and just downright heavenly. Moderate ABV, but designed specifically to retain all the juicy fruitiness of Citra, Mosaic and Centennial hops. Big flavour, low bitterness, highly addictive. “X-Panda” – showcases some US hop favourites in Citra, Simcoe & Chinook. Expect a really fresh fruity aroma and an easy drinking refreshing taste. “X-Parrot” – Collaboration with Errant Brewery from Newcastle, luscious tropical Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Guava, Mango, Pink Grapefruit and Lime combine with juicy Citra and Mosaic in a hopped-up taste of the Caribbean. “Nuba” – The new big brother to Triple H, hazy, dank and fruity New England style IPA. Easy drinking despite the ABV, expect big hits of grapefruit, passionfruit, lychee and bubblegum courtesy of Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe hops, with a gently resinous finish. Plus we got a load more Tonkoko cans in just because they’re utterly lush and we’d sold all the last lot we got!

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Totally Brewed

Totally BrewedTwo new beers from Totally Brewed arrived last week – they’re now both on the website and looking for new homes 😋 We’ve had ‘Papa Jangles Voodoo Stout’ from them before and it went down very well so we’re confident that you’ll love the Imperial version – “Grand Papa Jangles”. Ramped up to 7%abv this granddaddy of stouts has all the complex malt flavours you’d expect, laced with coffee, chocolate and a tinge of smoke. There’s also “Sorachi Mango” IPA – brewed, unsurprisingly, using Sorachi Ace hops and pureed Alphonso mango, it’s fruity, hoppy and satisfyingly murky in your glass. The IPA is perfect for summer and the stout will age very well indeed for the darker nights, so we’ve got you covered for two seasons at least!

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Odyssey Brew Co & Left Handed Giant

Odyssey Ego Wars #4Odyssey Left Handed ZombieWhoo and indeed, hoo! We’ve got more Odyssey Brew Co beers for you! The brewery hasn’t increased capacity, they’re still producing small batch beers, but they’ve streamlined and refined their bottling system. This means that we’ll be able to get their beers more regularly from now on, though there’s still only limited amounts of each beer. This time they’ve sent us “Left Handed Zombie” which is a collaboration with Left Handed Giant Brewing Co. It’s a dank & juicy amber ale. A brooding, hoppy beast brewed with a relatively new malt called Red X for an amber/red hue. Sticky and murky, with Chinook and Columbus to bring the dank back and Mosaic, Simcoe and Ekaunot for juice. Finishes dry and begs for another gulp. And then there’s “Ego Wars #4” – it features two big hitters. Simcoe, rich in pine and mango, battles Ekuanot a tropical forward beast. Tweaked slightly, the dry hopping levels are up for an even punchier aroma. Seek, buy and consume fresh to ensure the 18kg of hops used on Odyssey’s tiny brew kit didn’t die in vain!

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Gloucester Brewery

Gloucester BreweryWe’re delighted to welcome a new English brewery into the AleselA fold. Gloucester Brewery – surprisingly enough, situated in Gloucester 😉 are producing some high quality brews in cask, keg, bottle and can just now and we thought you’d like to get in on the action. On the website we have ‘Black Simcoe’ – a black IPA brewed with Simcoe, Galaxy & Mosaic hops. ‘Dockside Dark’ – an easy drinking porter with choc, coffee and dark fruit flavours. ‘DIPA’ – a double IPA, rich and fruity and ‘Session Pale’ – fresh and citrusy. We tried these ourselves last night and we were suitably impressed. No surprises – they do what they say on the tin/bottle but the quality and condition is first class.

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Abbeydale Brewing – Heathen

Abbeydale Brewing HeathenWe’ve been selling Abbeydale Brewery‘s beer in cask through the wholesale side of AleselA for a while now – they brew excellent beer – so we’re very pleased to be able to bring you some of their beer in cans for our website customers. ‘Heathen’ is a 4.1% abv pale session beer. If you like Mosaic hops you’ll love this beer as it showcases the hop expertly – the tropical fruit flavours sing out of this beer and it’s dry hopped with more Mosaic too, just to make sure. 330ml cans – get ’em in your fridge, pronto!

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Eyeball Brewing – Orange

Eyeball OrangeA new addition to Eyeball Brewing Ltd.‘s line up on our shelves. As well as ‘Yellow’ and ‘Black’ lagers there’s now ‘Orange’ lager. This is a dark coloured lager made with dark malts, overlayed with orange citrus hints – In 330ml bottles all three lagers are thirst quenching and refreshing and perfect for summer.

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