Williams Brothers Nollaig 2016

Williams Borthers Nollaig 2016For us, the appearance of this beer means it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. From Williams Bros. Brewing Co. comes a beer SO christmassy, it’s made from actual Christmas trees! It’s SO christmassy that even Keith cheers up and puts his santa hat on. It doesn’t get more festive than that. It comes in 1 litre growlers and is the perfect celebration beer. Goes very well with turkey and goose and looks the part sitting on your Christmas dinner table.


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Orkney Porter 2010 Vintage

Orkney Porter 2010 VintageThis is a bit special. Waaay back in the mists of time *wavy lines* when we were a lot less grey but a lot more green. We got a selection of bottles in from the then Highland brewery on Orkney (now Swannay Brewery) and amongst them were some 275ml bottles of Orkney Porter. Anyone who’s tried this knows it to be a wonderfully rich, dark, treacley porter that’s very drinkable despite it’s 9%abv. Every year Swannay releases a new vintage of this porter and somehow, possibly when we moved warehouses, six bottles of this lush porter were overlooked. These six bottles are the 2010 vintage. We don’t know of any others of this particular vintage in existence so they’re quite rare. These would make a rather unique gift for a fan of Swannay Orkney porter, or just porter in general. We really do only have six of them so it’s one per customer and strictly first come, first served.

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Pilot Christmas Vintage 2015

Pilot Christmas Vintage 2015Still in Edinburgh, from Pilot brewery we have their 2015 vintage Christmas beer. We were shrewd enough to cellar some of this from last year and it’s aged very well (and will continue to we reckon.) To refresh your memory it’s a luxuriously dark, complex, Belgian-inspired quadrupel with a spectrum of speciality malts, mulberries, orange peel, raisins, organic cocoa nibs and lactose. The flavours have become that bit more intense we reckon and overall it’s become smoother and slightly richer. Mince pie in a glass really.


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Top Out Top Out Glühbier

Top Out GlühbierIf this doesn’t get you in the Christmassy mood, then nothing will! From our friends at Top Out Brewery in Edinburgh comes this year’s Winter Beer. For 2016 they’ve produced “Glühbier” – Like ‘Glühwein’, a German mulled wine, this rich, dark ale is heavily spiced and to give it the right amount of fruitiness they’ve added a hefty measure of cherries. Drink at room temperature or gently warm through to get the full effect of all the flavours – goes well with Stollen too!


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Wild Weather Ales

Wild Weather AlesWe’re quite excited about these beers. New brewery to us, Wild Weather Ales from Silchester near Reading. They can their own beers in house and the fantastic artwork for their brews is done by punk artist and guitarist from the London punk band MÜG, Mark Bell. Five of their beers are available on the website. “Storm in a Teacup” is an Earl Grey infused IPA. “Shepherds Warning” is an IPA with grapfruit, peach and mango flavours from the hops. “Mudslinger” is their chocolate milk stout. “Little Wind” is their American Amber and last but not least “Damn Dead Strawberry” which is a Lactose Sour! There’s got to be something there to pique most folk’s curiosity. All their beers are #unpasteurised and #unfiltered too.


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Black Flag Brewery

Black Flag BreweryWe’ve got some new cans in from a brewery way down south. The Black Flag Brewery in Cornwall to be precise. Four to choose from: “Fang” is their West Coast Pale, “White Cross” is their IPA using New World hops, there’s a Black IPA using Mosaic, Amarillo and Citra hops and finally, “Saison Sorachi” unsurprisingly featuring Sorachi Ace hops.

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Farmageddon Brewing Co-op

Farmageddon Brewing Co-opSome great new beers from The Emerald Isle grace our shelves for the first time this week. From Irish brewing co-op ‘Farmaggedon‘ we have four beers: India Export Porter, India Pale Ale, Mosaic IPA and Wet Hop IPA. The Wet Hop IPA is hopped with freshly picked hops from the brewery’s own farm and all the beers are unfiltered, unpasteurised and vegan friendly. Can’t say fairer than that really!


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Lawman Eldritch

Lawman EldritchBit of a treat for you from local brewery Lawman Brewing Company.
We have bottles of their latest brew, a Black IPA called “Eldritch” – pours blacker than a moonless night, but your senses are flooded with the raw aroma of American hops. Bitter, roasted barley mingles with citrus and pine needles. Thought provoking as well as delicious!

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Blackjack Beers and Cromarty Pure Baltic

Blackjack BeersWe’ve just got in much goodness from Manchester brewery Blackjack Beers. We’ve had a lot of their cask beer up here but this is the first time for their bottles. A nice wee range including a Coffee Saison, a Jasmine Tea Saison, a Red IPA and a Double Bretted IPA.

Cromarty Pure BalticAlso a special from Cromarty Brewing Co, perfect for the time of year, a creamy, dark Baltic Porter at 6.6%

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Odyssey Brew Co

Odyssey Brew CoSo the nights are drawing in, it’s getting colder and darker and it’s nearly time for the undead to roam the earth, terrifying the living. No, not chucking out time at your local ‘Spoons – halloween. To counter this triple whammy of depressingness (yes, that IS a word) we have pillaged Odyssey Brew Co and brought rather a lot of their bottles of, frankly wonderful, beer up here for you, you lovely customers you! Hop fiends and Dark beer fans alike will find something to delight them in this range of ten different brews. “Dr Green Thumb” is hopped til it squeaks with Amarillo, El Dorado and Mandarina Bavaria hops to create a “giant orangey Mo Fo” of a beer, according to one of it’s creators. “Fiendish Breakfast Stout” is an Imperial Stout containing oats, smoked malts, treacle, coffee and sea salt. It positively oozes out of the bottle. Those are the two extreme ends of the spectrum but there are many delights in between including “Double Zombie Blood” – a hoppy red ale and its “Dank Edition” brother.
Check out the full descriptions on the website, order and enjoy.

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