February sale time

AleselA February Sale 2016We’ve been a bit late getting this off the ground this year (apologies) but fear not! Our Famous February Sale is now on!!
All* the bottles on the website have been discounted by 10% and they’ll remain that way until midnight on the 29th of February.
So what are you waiting for? Go fill your basket!


*Unfortunately we can’t extend the 10% off to Gift Vouchers or any bottles already discounted by being in the “Bucket List” section. 10% off refers to bottles only and does not apply to delivery and packaging charges*

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Vibrant Forest Brewery

Vibrant ForestFirst new beers of the year!! – and we’re off to a flying start with a range of beers from Vibrant Forest Brewery Those of our customers with a keen eye and a sharp memory will remember we had their ‘Kaleidoscope’ and ‘Black Forest’ beers in stock, briefly, last year and they went down very well indeed. Spurred on by that, we’ve decided to go for a wider range of their bottles this time and we now have six different styles for your delectation. From an Imperial Red IPA at 8.3% abv all the way to their Session IPA at 3.5% there’s going to be something there for all we reckon. (We’ve also brought up a range of their casks. Almost all have sold out already so some lucky customers in Edinburgh and Glasgow will have the chance to try these beers on draught.)


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Bucket List Bargains

Happy New Year everyone! Just a wee update to let you know that despite things like “Dry January” and the latest government recommendations for “safe” drinking levels and January being a traditionally slow time of year for the licensed trade, we are still in business! The regulars amongst you will know that we don’t ever do a January Sale because we’re contrary like that and don’t like following the herd. We do a February sale instead, just to be awkward. However in the spirit of helping out our fellow beer drinkers we’ve decided to increase the discount on everything in the “Bucket List” section of the website. The Bucket List consists of all the beers that have gone by their ‘Best Before’ date. These beers are still perfectly drinkable and in some cases have even benefited from being aged. Bear in mind, all our stock is kept in dark, cold conditions in our warehouse until it’s sent out to customers so it’s not as if the beers have been sitting out on shelves in a warm shop. Anyway, everything on the Bucket List has had it’s original price reduced by 40% so there are bargains to be had. We’ll keep it like that til the end of January so get on it!

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Tempest Brewery

Tempest Brew CoRight, PROMISE, these are the very last new beers this year! We got a sneaky wee delivery from Tempest Brewing Co. yesterday. Two new beers and a re-stock of a couple of favourites. The new beers are “Honey, Jamaican Me Ginger” – Tempest’s collaboration with Brewdog Edinburgh, a Belgian style wee heavy, brewed with Tweedside Honey and root ginger. Also “Saison du Pommes” – saison flavours blend with fermented Scottish apple juice to create a complex flavour profile somewhere between a dry cider and a Belgian saison with gentle spice and rich fruit flavour. We also re-stocked with the delicious “Marmalade on Rye” and “A Face With No Name”.


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Cromarty Brewing – Black Hop Down

Cromarty Black Hop DownJust to add to your beer-choosing confusion, we’ve just taken delivery of yet another beer! ‘Black Hop Down’ from Cromarty Brewing Co is an amazing Black IPA style. Now in 330ml bottles and weighing in at 7.2%abv, it has aromas and flavours of tropical fruit and pine, balanced and rounded off by a roasty chocolate bitterness. A couple of these will be just the thing to keep the cold out.


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Atom Beers – Isotope & Darker Alchemy

Atom BeersTwo special kinda bottles from our friends at Atom Beers near Hull. They’ve brought out ‘Darker Alchemy’ and ‘Isotope’ just in time for Xmas. Darker Alchemy is their imperial version of their hop-less cardamom and coriander porter, Dark Alchemy, with a twist from sweet-sour tamarind and herbaceous nigella seeds. It is a heady mix of smooth dark malt, rich chocolate and coffee, tart tamarind, notes of bitter orange, herbs, all encompassed in a rich mouthfeel.
Isotope is a collaboration with Doctor’s Orders and Matt Burns of Thirst. A ‘wee heavy’ or Scotch Ale, this powerful oaked brew has rich flavours of chocolate with hints of dark fruit and liquorice. It’s also brewed with meadowsweet, elderflower and bog myrtle to give it several extra layers of flavour. 660ml bottles and what’s more, they’re ready wrapped – result!

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Driftwood – Black Stone Porter

Driftwood Black Stone PorterSomething a wee bit special from Driftwood Brewery, Canada. Their ‘Blackstone Porter’ comes in a 650ml bottle that would make an impressive present or a treat for yourself. This porter has just enough dark malt to be black and leans toward the dry side in its malt profile. The addition of a partial sour mash lends a subtle tartness to the bittersweet chocolate flavour that dominates. Goes well with cheeses such as Stilton, Caerphilly or aged cheddar – perfect for Xmas then!


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BrewsmithA pallet of casks and bottles also arrived at the warehouse this morning from a new brewery (to us anyway) – Brewsmith Brewery. Brewsmith started up in 2014 and already they’ve won SIBA awards and CAMRA recommendations. We have three of their beers in bottle: IPA, APA and Pale. The IPA is made with New World hops, giving it a rich mouthfeel, big hop aromas, long dry bitter finish and some residual sweetness. The APA is an American style pale brewed with American hops with resinous pine, grapefruit and floral aromas and flavours. Finally the Pale is a refreshingly bitter and hoppy pale ale, big floral hop aroma, medium body and a long dry bitter finish.


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Fallen Brewing – Light Freight

Fallen Light FreightSomething new and light from Fallen Brewing Company was delivered to us this morning. “Light Freight” is a table beer and at only 2.7% abv it’s the perfect balance to the heavier, high abv beers that are around at this time of year. Light on alcohol but not light on flavour, Light Freight boasts tropical and citrus hop flavours layered on top of a biscuity Vienna malt base.


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Bad Co Brewing and Distilling

Bad Co Brewing and DistillingDuring our “summer holiday” earlier this year, we visited a relatively new brewery in Yorkshire. We were impressed with what we saw (and tasted) at Bad Company brewery – so much so that we thought we should share their beers with you. A pallet of their beers in cask and bottle form arrived on Friday and the bottles are now available on the website. Four beers to choose from, all with music related names. There’s “Comfortably Numb” – a golden pale, hop-packed with notes of tangerine, mango, grapefruit and pineapple. “Dazed and Confused” – a smooth milk stout with flavours of cherries, chocolate, coffee and almonds. “Love Over Gold” – a New World blonde with grapefruit and grassy notes, and finally “Wild Gravity” – a hugely hoppy IPA with a rich, malty backbone. Check out their website for more info on the beers: http://wearebad.co/ and of course you can buy them here: http://www.alesela.co.uk/shop/BadCo

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