Cupid Stunt.


We’re not about to suggest that you buy lovely lovely beer from us because it’s “Valentine’s day” on the 14th of this month. Oh no. Much more sensible, honest and to the point, we’re suggesting you buy lovely lovely beer from us, for yourself OR to share with someone you can just about tolerate, because we have a 10% off Winter Sale thing going on at the moment and there are bargains to be had.

There. Being cheap. That’s a much better reason we think.

You do realise we’re Scottish……right?


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Here’s an idea….

…Or three, even.

Here’s some suggestions for how to make the most out of our Winter Sale by trying some styles and beers that you might not normally go for. Challenge your taste buds a little. You never know, you may just find something you love!

Speaking of love, want to make a passive-aggressive statement on your relationship this valentine’s day but don’t want to break the bank?  We have the very thing. Toccalmatto “Tainted Love” In a 750ml bottle perfect for sharing with your other half. It’s in our 10% off Winter Sale too. What’s not to love?


How about a bottle of “Brussels Champagne”? Oude Geuze is a blend of 1, 2 and 3 year old lambics. Unpasteurised, unfiltered and aged for at least a year after blending. None of your “enjoy by” nonsense here!  Comes in a 750ml cork and cage bottle, perfect for sharing. Down to £8.96 a bottle in our winter sale.

Oude Gueze FP RSZD

And finally, a Belgian style beer made in Wales. Now there’s a statement you don’t see made every day. Tiny Rebel have brewed this Belgian style ale, named NP10, to be big, strong and golden with an ABV of 10%. Not for the faint hearted but the adventurous among you will be glad you made the effort to try this. Reduced to £4.86 in our Winter Sale.



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Winter Sale

Winter has been a wee bit depressing so far hasn’t it? After all the Christmas and New Year celebrations are over it seems like there’s not much to look forward to. Well, we just might have a little something here that will bring a smile to your face and keep your spirits up until spring.

We’re having a winter sale!

Winter Sale RSZD

We’re chopping 10% off the price of every bottle on the website. Now that’s worth getting a little bit excited about isn’t it?

Yep. 10% off everything, except bottles that are already on the Bucket List (i.e. already reduced) and Gift Certificates.

The sale starts at midnight on Friday 31st January and ends at midnight on Friday 28th February. So you have a whole month to take advantage of us!

During the sale just place your order as normal. You’ll see the discounted price of each item displayed and the previous higher price scored out – no need to do pesky mental arithmetic.

There. Thought that might put a smile on your face.

Visit our shop here —>

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Deliveries When You’re In

Don’t want to buy online cos of the hassle of missed deliveries? Well fear not AleselA customers, if you live near the Greater Glasgow area we can arrange evening/weekend deliveries at no extra cost.
Just contact us after placing your order and we can arrange a delivery day/time that suits you.
Areas this service covers are -

  • Glasgow City
  • Renfrewshire
  • East Renfrewshire
  • Inverclyde

Areas partially covered -

  • North Ayrshire
  • East/West Dunbartonshire
  • North/South Lanarkshire.

If in any doubt about wether or not we can do this for you please contact us and we can advise.

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Paisley Beer Festival 2013

Paisley Beer Festival 2013Right listen up beer tickers, next week sees the start of Paisley Beer Festival.

From Weds 11th Sept 5pm to Sat 14th Sept 9pm Paisley Town Hall will be packed to the rafters with beers from all over Scotland, Yorkshire and foreign parts as well as some cider, perry and mead all expertly served by the hard-working volunteers.

And this year the festival’s website is sponsored by none other than AleselA! Who? Us ya fool, so get your holidays booked off work, get a pass-out from the other half (or bring them along too) and come along for some great beers and great banter.

NB. Banter not guaranteed.

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Two Lochs and a Black Isle.

Because of the recent high-profile press coverage we’ve been receiving (well, a one word mention in The Guardian but it’s the most press coverage we’ve ever had!) and constantly being recognised and hounded for autographs while traipsing round Tesco, we decided we needed a holiday. Noses always to the grindstone (can anyone else hear violin music?) we decided to combine business with pleasure and head to the Highlands, where beautiful scenery and wonderful breweries, bottle shops and hotels combine resulting in a perfect storm of a mini-break for the beer enthusiasts that we are.

Our first port of call was The Anderson hotel in Fortrose on the Black Isle. We’ve been here before but this is the kind of place that warrants repeat visits – many of them. In fact if it wasn’t for the injunction we’d move in there. Ahem…moving swiftly on.

The Anderson - a beer and good food lovers paradise.

The Anderson – a beer and good food lovers paradise.

The welcome is always warm at The Anderson. We settled in to our room and then headed for the Whisky Bar which is also where some of the meals are served. The food here has to be experienced to be believed. No amount of superlatives do it justice. Lots of local produce imaginatively used, all cooked fresh and to order.


Beer Taps

Malt whisky list

Malt whisky list

Belgian Beer List

Belgian Beer List

Beers on tap

Beers on tap

Draught beers from Belgium and practically anywhere else you can think of, near and far are available, along with an astounding amount of bottled beers and a whisky list that makes whisky lovers become quite emotional at the mere sight of it. Stuffed full of good food, we waddled through to the public bar and proceeded to work our way through some wonderful bottled beers whilst boring the very friendly and long suffering bar staff with “witty banter.” If you haven’t been to The Anderson, there really is no decent excuse – you should get yourselves there as soon as possible.

The next morning we reluctantly bade farewell to The Anderson and headed a few miles along the road to Cromarty Brewing Co’s bright and shiny brewery to pick up some much needed stock, including Craig Middleton’s latest collaboration beer – 2Craigs “Un Stout” Head over to Cromarty’s blog to read all the details about this new brew but the short version is, it’s a 2%abv ‘un stout’ that is packed full of hoppy flavour. We were met by Craig who showed us the most recent bits of plant he’s had installed in the brewery. The brewery is large and airy and with so much stainless steel kit in it you really need sunglasses to go in there. They’ve also got the brewery shop all sorted out now too – looking great, an alladins cave for lovers of all things Cromarty. We couldn’t help but notice that there was a conditioning tank with an AKA IPA pump clip on it. We only needed to drop single figures worth of subtle hints and Craig poured us a wee taster from it. AKA IPA has been called by some (including us) ‘possibly the best IPA in the UK’. Straight from the conditioning tank, there IS no discussion to be had. It IS the best IPA in the UK. Fact.  We reluctantly left the brewery (Craig, see Jim at The Anderson about injunctions and restraining orders, he’ll sort you out.) and loaded up with some cases of Red Rocker, Happy Chappy and 2Craigs.

Cromarty Brewing 2 Craigs

Photographed on top of the brewers car with the Cromarty Firth in the background. Context – we has it.

Before the police arrived We carried on from The Black Isle and stopped to do touristy things at Culloden battlefield, then doubled back a bit and called in to see Nick at The Highland Bottle Shop in Inverness. Nick has packed an awesome amount of craft beers, unique wines and small batch spirits into his shop. A couple of the beers in there were ones we’d not been able to get our sticky mitts on before so we took the chance to buy some while we were there. If you’re up that way, call in and see Nick – the shop’s impressive.

Next we headed towards Loch Ness – Drumnadrochit to be precise and The Benleva Hotel to be exact. The Benleva Hotel was, up until recently, the home of Loch Ness Brewery too. The brewery has now moved to bigger premises only a couple of hundred yards away.

The Benleva Hotel

The Benleva Hotel

The weather was “scorchio” when we arrived so as soon as we’d dumped our carry-oot luggage in the room we headed outside to the beer garden. Two pints of Loch Ness were purchased and we set about getting a tan. Forty three seconds later when we had both turned from traditional Scottish pale blue, to off-white we retreated under the shade of a nearby tree and continued to enjoy our beers. We had a natter with Steve who owns The Benleva and is also a partner in the brewery. He showed us around the Loch Ness Brewery shop (which used to be the brewery) and was telling us about the new brewery when he had to dash off to administer some help to a nearby pub. He’s a busy man. Later on we were joined by George, head brewer at Loch Ness who regaled us with tales of the new beers that will be coming out of the brewery in the not too distant future and, even more entertainingly, the names for them. We finished the evening with a pint each of Ness Club Seven – their 7%abv Scotch ale. Delicious it was too “Bitterish core wrapped in alcoholic barley sugar sweetness” according to someones Untappd entry. If you’re in the area the Benleva is definitely worth a visit – good food, great beer and a warm welcome awaits.

Next morning after a cracking full Scottish breakfast (cooked by Steve, told you he was busy) we were heading home via the brewery to pick up some bottled Loch Ness stock. Allan, Steve’s brother was just home from his holidays and was straight into the brewing. Despite being busy (and probably jet lagged) he very kindly gave us the full bifter tour of the new brewery and rather impressive it is too. There were wooden barrels lurking at the back of the brewery and apparently they contain the fabled ‘Prince of Darkness’ their 10% stout, which is sitting there quietly ageing in whisky barrels – definitely something to look forward to.

Loch Ness bottles

After loading up the van we headed south for home, with a wee stop in by Urquhart Castle to do more touristy stuff. As we approached home we managed to arrange a dodgy rendezvous in a car park in Tarbet with the lovely Fiona of Loch Lomond Brewery fame. She very helpfully delivered a consignment of her Whisky Ale to us. This is the second time she’s done a whisky ale. Small batch, each one hand labelled and numbered. The batch last year went quickly and we’ve no reason to suppose this one will hang around for long either

Loch Lomond Whisky Ale

Loch Lomond Whisky Ale. That’s Fathers Day sorted then.

So there you have it. Our Highland Odyssey. There is some amazing brewing being done in Scotland by some great people, some jaw dropping scenery and some of the warmest welcomes to be had.  Get yourselves out there and explore it – you’ll be awfy glad you did.

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Some new beers for you to drool over

Rogue WaveSurf’s Up!! Life’s a beach, but to make it better we have Cromarty Brewing Co‘s Rogue Wave back in stock and making a splash. It didn’t hang around long last time we had it, so don’t hang around…

Tempest Double CrestaWhat has a hazlenut in every bite? Tempest Brewing Co. Double Cresta does…sort of. And in a rarely seen double whammy, we also have Brave New World in stock – rejoice!!

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AleselA’s 2nd Birthday

AleselA 2nd BirthdayWell would you Adam and Eve it? – we only went and forgot that it was our second birthday yesterday! As luck would have it, we were out drinking a couple of pints of Responsibly yesterday anyway (Always drink Responsibly, people!) so we did unwittingly celebrate our birthday – how lucky was that?

Yep, on the 27th of April 2011 AleselA was launched on an unsuspecting public at the Paisley Beer Festival.

In the ensuing two years, we’ve sold loads of beer to some lovely customers, made some great friends and managed to offend a couple of the beer industry’s overly sensitive types. Oops.

Still, the good times have definitely outweighed the bad and we’re still standing, more than ready for bigger and better things to come in year three.

And as a 2nd Birthday “thank you” to you, our wunnerful customers, we will add a wee pressie, or maybe even two, to any order placed this week, right up until Sunday 5th May.

You’re very welcome.

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Ermahgherd it’s Ommegang

Brewery OmmegangNew beers just in, all the way from Cooperstown, NY we have a couple of beers from the Ommegang brewery. Not only famous for producing great beers they’re the ones that made the Game of Thrones beer, Iron Throne.
We don’t have Iron Throne but we do have Hennepin, a 7.7% Farmhouse Saison, and Rare Vos, a 6.5% amber ale.

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…And Don’t Mention The Cold War

Ruskie BusinessWe’ve been looking forward to this. Alechemy Brewing‘s utterly luscious Ruskie Business. An 8.5% Russian Imperial Stout. It’s smooth, dark, and treacley. We tried this on cask at the Larbert beer festival recently and it was wonderful – it has a hint of Black Jack sweets to it Tallulah reckoned. See what you think.

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