Spey Valley Brewery

Spey Valley BreweryWe’ve got some old favourites returning to the website. They’ve brought along a couple of new mates too! We first had beers from Spey Valley Brewery back in 2013. The brewery has kicked production up a notch or three since then, have added some new brews in bottle and are now sending their beers out in cask far and wide.
For now you can try five of their beers in bottle. There’s “Stillman’s IPA”, “David’s Not So Bitter”, “Spey Stout”, “David’s Bigger N Bitterer” and “1814 Lager”.


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Lawman Brew Co – Obsidian Barrel Aged Stout

Lawman ObsidianSomething a wee bit special for you fine folks. From Lawman Brewing Company in deepest, darkest Cumbernauld comes “Obsidian” It’s an 8.4%abv barrel aged stout. A stouty-stout if you will. To make it even stoutier (is that a word? yeah, lets make it a word) it’s been cuddled up in a Speyside whisky cask for a fair ol’ length of time. This is the kind of stout you want to take you into autumn and see you through a cold winter. It’s probably going to turn out to be a food group in its own right we reckon.


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Top Out – Simon Says-On

Top Out Simon Says-OnSomething a little fruity from Top Out Brewery is “currantly” (No, that’s not a typo, bear with us, all will become clear…) gracing our shelves. Called “Simon Says-On”, it’s a 5.1% berry Saison style beer. We were lucky enough to taste the base saison beer before the berries were added and even that was hugely drinkable, but then Top Out went and added a whole lot of berries. 100kg’s of raspberries, blackberries, cherries and blackCURRANTS (…see? it’s a play on words…a pun if you will. You just don’t get this class of badinage on other beer websites y’know!) It’s a delicious, vinous, easy drinking little number. You know what to do.

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Fallen – Big Raspberry Dog Chew

Fallen Big Raspberry Dog ChewIt’s BACK – from Fallen Brewing Company just as big, just as raspberry-y and just as chewy! (there may be slightly less dog in it, we’re not sure…) We’re not limiting it this time around cos we were clever and ordered more, but it’s selling fast so get in quick if ya want some!

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Bad Co – in cans!

Bad Co cansWe just got in some very nice cans from We are BAD Co. (Bad Company Brewery) in Dishforth, Yorkshire. Bad Co. have just installed their own canning and bottling line at the brewery, so all the bottling and canning can now be done in-house. The first three offerings in can are all unfiltered so there should be no shortage of flavour. The cans are also the type where the ring pull takes almost the entire top off the can, turning the can into a cup. Handy for on-the-go types. We have “Slow Rider” – a session ale brewed with grapefruit, “Comfortably Numb” pale, hoppy and loaded with tropical fruit flavours and “Summer Breeze” – a pale ale infused with lime and mint! Summer may be almost over but you could always turn the heating up full blast, strip down to your simmet, bask on the sofa and *pretend* it’s still summer, couldn’cha? 😀

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Vibrant Forest

Vibrant ForestSome new beers from Vibrant Forest Brewery arrived today. We’ve also re-stocked the “Salted Liquorice Stout” because that flew out last time! The three new beers are: “Belgian Dubbel”, “Vibrant Pale – Chinook” and “Wheatwave” No prizes for guessing the styles but if you want more details and tasting notes, click on the link to the website :)
All Vibrant Forest beers are suitable for ‪#‎vegan‬ and ‪#‎vegetarian‬ diets.

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Swannay Brewery – Orkney Session

Swannay Orkney SessionA new beer sneaks in to the Swannay Brewery stable today. “Orkney Session” is brewed to celebrate the Orkney Folk Festival. It’s a hoppy, sessionable pale ale, 3.8%abv, featuring Cascade, Simcoe and a little Motueka hops. It’s from Swannay so you know it’s gonna be good!

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Cromarty Brewing – 330ml bottles

Cromarty BrewingA couple of new (to our shop at least) beers and a re-stock of some favourites from Cromarty Brewing Co. The two newbies are: “Arctic Swell” Vienna Lager – A complex blend of toasted malts meld together with the peppery definitive lager hop Saaz and a yeast from an all time classic lager brewery, coupled with a proper low temperature lager fermentation and slow maturation to create a clean, smooth finish. Also “Breakfast In Berlin” – an orange and Earl Grey Berliner Weisse. We re-stocked with “AKA”, “Ghost Town Porter” and “Rogue Wave. The extra good news is, all of these beers are now available in 330ml bottles!

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Alechemy – Borvo Stout

Alechemy BorvoAnother new offering in bottled form from Alechemy Brewing. This little beauty is “Borvo” a light yet flavoursome stout – deep roast flavours and a delicate chocolate aroma. Borvo was a Gallic/Celtic god, the god of healing and spring waters apparently. See? you *learn* stuff AND get to buy yummy beer at AleselA…where else can you get that, eh? There’s a picture of a wee statue reputed to be Borvo down there….seems he’s mostly ‘armless 😀

Oh please yerself!

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Sunshine in a can

Brass Castle SunshineDespite it being a bit bleak out there just now, we’re bringing some sunshine into your lives! From Brass Castle Brewery we bring you “Sunshine” in a can – A full bodied IPA – a North Yorkshire version of the West Coast style. 3 hop types in this one, to justify the ‘sunshine-in-a-can’ claim. And as an added bonus, it’s Gluten-free. Gluten-free AND tasty IS possible – this beer proves it :)

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