Odyssey Brew Co

Odyssey Brew CoWe’ve got something a wee bit special for you, just in time for the weekend. From Odyssey Brew Co in Herefordshire we have a selection of their “Odyssey Rarity” beers. Odyssey are a small brewery (at the moment) and they specialise in small batch brewing, packing as many hops and as much flavour into their beers as possible. We recently tried them on our hols in Newcastle and knew right away we had to get them up to Scotland. You can thank us later 😉
Without further ado, may we present to you: Simcoe Fiend IPA, Ego War IPA No.1, Righteous Rye, Blackout (This is NOT a black IPA!) and Latte Stout. Check out the website for tasting notes and to buy http://www.alesela.co.uk/shop/OdysseyBrewCo and check out Odyssey’s website for more info on the rest of their beers: http://odysseybrewco.com/

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Brasserie De La Senne

Brasserie De La SenneA triple whammy from Brasserie De La Senne. We have “Stouterik” – an Irish style stout at 4.5% abv. Roasted malts and unmalted roasted barley give layers of dark bitter, chocolatey flavors, and like all De La Senne beers, this one is hopped to the max for drinkability. When looking up tasting notes from the brewery, I came across this description which has been wrongly translated but I like it so I thought I’d share :) “light, dry, slightly bitter, with complex fire buttons.”
Then there’s “Brusseleir” A Black IPA – Powerful and complex, the Brusseleir is distinguished by its rich malt character and light chocolate notes 8% abv.
And finally “– Zinne Bir Golden blond, 6% abv. Malty with a fine bitterness and a long aftertaste. The scent is complex, developing a fruity-hop intense fragrance. I also liked this little snippet of info about the name of this beer: “Zinne comes from the word ‘zinneke’ — slang for the wild mixed-breed dogs that used to inhabit the poor quarters of the city along the Zinne. It means ‘little bastards’ :)

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Petrus Sour Beers

Petrus Sour BeersFrom Petrus Sour Beers comes “Petrus Aged Pale” – 7.3% Sour beer aged for 2 years in French Oak Foeders

(A foeder (pronounced FOOD-er; sometimes spelled foedre or foudre ) is essentially a wooden barrel set on end used for either long term fermentation or primary fermentation and innoculations.)

And also “Petrus Dubbel Bruin” – This dark beer is the result of large amounts of specialty malts and natural caramel. This makes the beer sweet with a slightly bitter caramel flavour. The flavour is a combination of roasted malts and candy syrup. Hearty dark beer with a creamy head. 6.5%

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De Dochter van de Korenaar

De Dochter van de KorenaarTwo from De Dochter van de Korenaar – “Noblesse Extra Ordinaire” – Fruity, spicy, blonde. 7% abv. Extra malts, extra hops and then dry hopped. And “Belle-Fleur” – Light blonde intensely hopped/dry hopped IPA, 6% abv.

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Brouwerij De Ranke

Brouwerij De RankeFrom Brouwerij De Ranke we have “XX Bitter”. The description from the brewery website goes like this: “our most bitter, high-fermenting beer. Despite its low alcohol content, (6%) it produces a very rich, long lasting, full flavour. Very bitter but still balanced. Long-lasting, distinct hop taste.

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Alechemy Brewing – EH54

Alechemy EH54Keeping with the animal theme, here’s an IPA that’s hoppier than a box of one-legged frogs! From Alechemy Brewing comes “EH54” – their 5.7% IPA and now it’s in cans. What’s not to like?


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Brass Castle – Three Chimps

Three ChimpsSomething a wee bit naughty now from those cheeky monkeys at Brass Castle Brewery. “Three Chimps” is a 10.5%abv Barleywine which combines classic US hops with Brass Castle’s old English house yeast – creating a sweet, voluptuous, lightly-carbonated celebration of the best brewing ingredients on the planet. Go bananas and treat yourself!


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Top Out Brewery – The Cone

The ConeGood news for all you hop heads out there! Remember Top Out Brewery brewed a proper hoppy IPA called “The Cone”? Remember how sad you were when they couldn’t brew anymore cos they couldn’t get the hops they needed? Well cheer the hell up cos IT’S BACK!! Only one batch so numbers are very limited. If we were you we’d go totally mad and get TWO bottles :)


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Vibrant Forest

Vibrant ForestSome interesting new beers from Vibrant Forest Brewery arrived today. We’ve had their bottles before and indeed we’ve re-stocked the “Session IPA” which went down very well previously. There are also three new additons. There’s “Belgian Zuur” – Belgian-style sour beer, finished by heaps of dry hopping with wonderful Nelson Sauvin hops to bring you a fruity, tart and refreshing golden beer. Also “Farmhouse Ale” – refreshing yet dry Saison ale combines barley and wheat malts with an authentic yeast strain to bring you peppery, earthy and fruity notes. And, most intriguingly of all, “Salted Liquorice Stout” – Lovely roast flavours in this jet black stout are complemented by a generous addition of liquorice and a nice dash of salt.


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Bellfield Brewery gluten-free beer

Bellfield BreweryWe’ve a treat for you from Bellfield Brewery in Edinburgh. If you find that “You can’t HANDLE the glute!” then you needn’t miss out on tasty beer. Bellfield brew two gluten free beers, “Bohemian Pilsner” – A classic Czech pilsner style, featuring Saaz hops, pale with a light body, background bitterness and gentle floral tones and “Lawless Village” – Named after the brewery’s neighbourhood of Portobello. A copper coloured, beer brewed as a traditional American IPA made with pale crystal malt, Cascade and Centennial American hops.


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