Top Out Brewery

Top Out BreweryFollowing on from Top Out Brewery‘s successful tap takeover and meet the brewer at The Pot Still at the end of last month, they’ve now launched their three new beers in bottle as well as cask, so if you missed the tap takeover, you can catch up now. The three newbies are: “Altbier” – a dark malty beer with a decent amount of German hops.Top Out ferment their Altbier at a slightly lower temperature to make it that extra bit crisper and cleaner. “South Face” – a Red IPA brewed with huge amounts of Southern hemisphere hops, they make for a juicy IPA with lots of tropical fruit notes. Last but not least, “Copperheid” – light and refreshing with a nice ginger kick to it. We can’t pick a favourite so obviously, we’d recommend all three!

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Udder Madness

Udder MadnessA couple of VERY interesting beers have just reached us all the way from Cromarty Brewing Co. One is a….wait for this…..vanilla milk sour. Give that a minute to sink in and then have a think about the abv – a mere 1.6%!! Oh yeah and it’s called “Udder Madness” Intriguing eh? Then there’s “Finders Keepers” – a saison using foraged seasoning (Gorse and birch syrup among other things) and coming in at a very reasonable 5%abv. This beer has been brewed in collaboraton with Jim Anderson from The Anderson Hotel in Fortrose, close to the brewery. If you’ve never been to The Anderson, you should be ashamed of yourself! An absolutely magnificent menu utilising mainly locally sourced produce, a beer list that runs to pages and a very warm welcome too. We’ve been twice and can’t wait to find an excuse to go again.

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Mad Hatter Brewing

Mad Hatter BrewingWell now – we have a *few* new beers for you today and we think it’s safe to say that there’s a beer to suit everyone in this latest consignment. There are 9 different beers to choose from and here’s the twist – they’re ALL from the same brewery. The Mad Hatter Brewing Company in Liverpool to be precise. So without further ado, here they are *deep breath*

  • “A Night Out” – a summer IPA brewed with papaya, peach, coconut and chili; “Bretter Than Life” – a 100% fermented sour with a blend of six different strains of brettanomyces for a complex and fruity profile, and finished with Nelson Sauvin hops and elderflower
  • “Fattest Stout” – a stout based on recipes from the 1800s, resulting in a dark, fat stout with rich chocolate and coffee notes
  • “Further Down the Rabbit Hole” – An intensely dry double red IPA with a fruity spiciness and notes of prune, cherry and raisin
  • “Mad Hat Mild” – a big, bad beefed up mild from days of yore. Rich chocolate, coffee and caramel flavours:like a boozy mocha, but better
  • “Raspberry & Basil Wit” – stuffed full of crushed raspberries and run through a bed of fresh basil on it’s way to the bottle for a fresh taste
  • “Saison Psycho” – A delicious mad mix of a hoppy IPA and an American farmhouse saison
  • “Sorachi Face Hugger” – brewed with Belgian yeast that provides notes of banana and clove and single hopped with Sorachi Ace to give a lemon and coconut hop aroma. This beer hugs your face
  • “Toxteth IPA”- a classic IPA with loads of amazing hops packed in. Made because we should all demand the impossible.

Phew! that little lot should keep you amused for a while eh?

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Luckie Ales

Luckie AlesThe much overlooked (in our opinion) Luckie Ales from Fife has two new brews to add to our Ale Cellar. There’s no such thing as a “bad” beer from Luckie so it’s a win-win situation for you. The latest two offerings are: “Pale Ale”, a 4.8% abv golden ale with a floral hop aroma and earthy hop flavour, and “1853 Porter” from the Resurrection Series. The porter is 5.8% abv with coffee aromas and a nutty, sweet biscuit flavour.

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Budgie Smuggler

Budgie SmugglerThat mischievous lot over at Alechemy Brewing have brought out a super hoppy summer beer – just in time for the heatwave! How clever is that? “Budgie Smuggler” is one of their “Freestyle Friday” inventions and is rammed full of Australian hops and then dry-hopped with even more Australian hops, just in case there weren’t enough Australian hops in there. 8.3% abv and in 330ml bottles, it’ll ruffle yer feathers for you. Limited supply of this so get in quick!

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Bring Out The Imp

Bring Out The Imp“BRING OUT THE IMP!” is the entertaining name for the newest bottled beer from the wunnerful Alechemy Brewing. This wee dark beastie is a 10.5% Imperial stout, brewed with molasses, liquorice and oatmeal. It’s fermented with a Belgian yeast and, if that’s not enough to scare you, it’s then aged for three months in 55 year old whisky casks! We like to think the wee imps on the label are perhaps distantly related to oor Keith.

Go on….get yourself a bottle or two….we double dares ya!

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Pilot Beer – UltraVilot

UltraVilotThis is a bit different. Pilot brewery in Leith, Edinburgh have now bottled their (in)famous “UltraVilot” in 660ml bottles. UltraVilot began life as a one-off beer for a local bar’s beer festival. It’s a hefeweizen and each batch is infused with over 12kg of “hand unwrapped” Parma Violet sweets. (How “craft” is that, eh?) It seems to be a sort of Marmite, love it or hate it kind of beer but it should definitely be tried at least once.

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Cromarty Brewing – Burgundy Union

Burgundy UnionThis one is so ‘fresh out the wrapper’ new that we have no tasting notes for it! It’s from Cromarty Brewing Co though so we can safely say it’ll be good. “Burgundy Union” is a part oak barrel fermented brown ale – 5%abv. Our one is resting in the fridge just now so we’ll let you know later what we think of it.

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It’s sale time!!!!!!

AleselA Sale 2015Now, remember back in the mists of time (last month) when we were warbling on (incoherent ramblings) about our 4th birthday, moving warehouse and exciting stuff like that? Well, we’re over all that now, BUT, we haven’t forgotten that we promised you guys a sale to make up for our neglecting you for a wee while. So up until midnight on the 1st of July there is 10% off everything on the website (Except the stuff on the bucket list cos that’s reduced already) You don’t have to enter any codes to take advantage of the discount, just shop as usual, you’ll see the discounted prices (and the original price) listed alongside the beers. Get filling those baskets

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Scottish Beer Festival Calendar

A list of the Scottish beer festivals happening over the next year in Scotland. If you know of any others please let us know and we will update the list.

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