Fallen – Big Raspberry Dog Chew

Big Raspberry Dog ChewWe really are spoiling you lot just now! We have great pleasure in introducing you to a belter of a beer from Fallen Brewing Company – “Big Raspberry Dog Chew” – This is Fallen’s “Chew Chew” (salted caramel stout) with some added bite! Brewed with the help of the bar staff at BrewDog Glasgow, this version of Chew Chew has more of everything, has had the abv increased to 10% and has had fresh, in-brewery-pressed, raspberries added too. If you liked Chew Chew you will LOVE Big Raspberry Dog Chew! **Again, limited stock of this has been allocated so one per customer unfortunately.


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Tempest – Longer White Cloud

Longer White CloudSomething a bit special from Tempest Brewing Co. pitched up at our warehouse today. ‘Longer White Cloud’ – the hotly anticipated “Big brother” of Long White Cloud is now in stock! Surprisingly light and refreshing for it’s abv (10.2%) this Imperial Pale Ale has flavours of soft fruits and honeyed melon layered with the vineous notes of the South Island hops to produce something between an IPA and a fine white wine.


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Cromarty – Bilberry Saison

Cromaty Bilberry SaisonRemember the Independent Manchester Beer Convention back in October this year? You do!?…..well you probably weren’t there then! The good folks at IndyMan did a few collaboration brews with various breweries at home and abroad. More specifically, they did one with Scotland’s very own Cromarty Brewing Co. It’s a Bilberry Saison. This is a fruity and light beer with a berry aroma – it pours a hazy maroon colour. It’s from Cromarty – what more do you need?

*Very limited stock – we only got one case and there’s two bottles gone already so one per customer and when it’s gone it’s gone, sadly.

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Brass Castle WallopWe brought something VERY special back with us from our “holiday” in Yorkshire last month, just for you, our cherished customers.

This, Ladies & Gentlemen, is “Wallop” from Brass Castle Brewery. We tried to get some of this last year but it seems it sells out locally before the wax on the seals is dry! This time, we planned ahead.

Wallop is a ‘Stingo’ style beer. Stingo is Yorkshire for strong ale. Wallop is complex as well as strong. It’s brewed using black treacle and then it’s put into Bourbon, Brandy and Whisky barrels and aged for six months. Then it’s blended.

The photo doesn’t really show it very well but these are 750ml bottles. The ABV is 7.5% so certainly a beer for sharing and sipping in front of an open fire, preferably around Christmas (goes well with mince pies!)
We’re the only shop in Scotland that has these (so far) so you’ll probably need to be quick if you want some. A bottle would make an ideal Christmas pressie for the beer lover in your life too.


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Canadian Beers from Driftwood Brewery

Driftwood BreweryNewness all the way from Canada! We have four new beers from The Driftwood Brewery in British Columbia. There’s an IPA (Fat Tug), an Altbier (Crooked Coast), a Pale Ale (New Growth) and a Witbier (White Bark) – all weighing in at around the 5% abv mark except Fat Tug which is a bit heftier at 7% abv. Four new beers from Ireland yesterday, four more from Canada today. Let your taste buds go globe-trotting!


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Pilot – Citrus & Basil Sharp

Citrus And Basil SharpNot only are we bringing you brand new beers from afar, we’re bringing you a new beer from a home-grown brewery too. Pilot Beer in Leith have just released a limited bottling of their Citrus and Basil Sharp. This beer is a celebratory 100th Brew for Pilot. This special saison is a blend of basil, lemon and lime zest. These flavours are amplified by Sorachi Ace hops and saison yeast giving a fresh, herbal Aroma and a tartly complex flavour.



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Boundary Brewing Cooperative

Boundary Brewing CooperativeSome brand, spanking new beers arrived today – the first beers we’ve ever had from Northern Ireland! These four lovelies come to us from Boundary Brewing, a co-operative brewery from Belfast. There’s a Berliner Weisse aged in Chardonnay barrels, an American pale ale, an IPA and a dark, chocolatey stout. One of each is a must we reckon, just t’be sure you understand.


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Top Out Brewery

Top Out BreweryFollowing on from Top Out Brewery‘s successful tap takeover and meet the brewer at The Pot Still at the end of last month, they’ve now launched their three new beers in bottle as well as cask, so if you missed the tap takeover, you can catch up now. The three newbies are: “Altbier” – a dark malty beer with a decent amount of German hops.Top Out ferment their Altbier at a slightly lower temperature to make it that extra bit crisper and cleaner. “South Face” – a Red IPA brewed with huge amounts of Southern hemisphere hops, they make for a juicy IPA with lots of tropical fruit notes. Last but not least, “Copperheid” – light and refreshing with a nice ginger kick to it. We can’t pick a favourite so obviously, we’d recommend all three!


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Udder Madness

Udder MadnessA couple of VERY interesting beers have just reached us all the way from Cromarty Brewing Co. One is a….wait for this…..vanilla milk sour. Give that a minute to sink in and then have a think about the abv – a mere 1.6%!! Oh yeah and it’s called “Udder Madness” Intriguing eh? Then there’s “Finders Keepers” – a saison using foraged seasoning (Gorse and birch syrup among other things) and coming in at a very reasonable 5%abv. This beer has been brewed in collaboraton with Jim Anderson from The Anderson Hotel in Fortrose, close to the brewery. If you’ve never been to The Anderson, you should be ashamed of yourself! An absolutely magnificent menu utilising mainly locally sourced produce, a beer list that runs to pages and a very warm welcome too. We’ve been twice and can’t wait to find an excuse to go again.


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Mad Hatter Brewing

Mad Hatter BrewingWell now – we have a *few* new beers for you today and we think it’s safe to say that there’s a beer to suit everyone in this latest consignment. There are 9 different beers to choose from and here’s the twist – they’re ALL from the same brewery. The Mad Hatter Brewing Company in Liverpool to be precise. So without further ado, here they are *deep breath*

  • “A Night Out” – a summer IPA brewed with papaya, peach, coconut and chili; “Bretter Than Life” – a 100% fermented sour with a blend of six different strains of brettanomyces for a complex and fruity profile, and finished with Nelson Sauvin hops and elderflower
  • “Fattest Stout” – a stout based on recipes from the 1800s, resulting in a dark, fat stout with rich chocolate and coffee notes
  • “Further Down the Rabbit Hole” – An intensely dry double red IPA with a fruity spiciness and notes of prune, cherry and raisin
  • “Mad Hat Mild” – a big, bad beefed up mild from days of yore. Rich chocolate, coffee and caramel flavours:like a boozy mocha, but better
  • “Raspberry & Basil Wit” – stuffed full of crushed raspberries and run through a bed of fresh basil on it’s way to the bottle for a fresh taste
  • “Saison Psycho” – A delicious mad mix of a hoppy IPA and an American farmhouse saison
  • “Sorachi Face Hugger” – brewed with Belgian yeast that provides notes of banana and clove and single hopped with Sorachi Ace to give a lemon and coconut hop aroma. This beer hugs your face
  • “Toxteth IPA”- a classic IPA with loads of amazing hops packed in. Made because we should all demand the impossible.

Phew! that little lot should keep you amused for a while eh?


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