Local - £3.95 per order

KA 1-25
KA 29-30
ML 1-9
PA 1-19

UK Islands - £12.00 per order

IV 41-49
IV 55-56
KA 27-28
KW 15-17
PA 20
PA 41-78
PH 42-44
PO 30-41
TR 21-25

UK Mainland - £6.00 per order

All other UK Mainland postcodes
For delivery purposes 1 mini-cask equate to 5 bottles

Local Area Packaging Refunds (bottle orders only)

Customers within our Local category who have signed up for an account will be able to receive a refund on their packaging costs. Our packaging is designed to be reusable and it would be such a waste to use it only once. With this in mind we have done a deal with our Local area courier who will return our packaging to us.

You have 2 options

  1. Return packaging at the same time it is delivered. Our courier will wait until you remove all the bottles and hand the empty packaging back.
  2. Keep the packaging until your next delivery arrives and then hand it to the courier.

Either way, once we receive the packaging back we will credit your account with a £2 discount off your next order's packaging cost. (ie your packaging cost will be zero!)

Delivery Costs

We have negotiated delivery rates with our couriers such that delivery prices fall into 3 categories:

  • Local
  • UK Mainland
  • UK Islands

See the tables opposite to find which rate applies to your postcode.

Packaging Costs

All packaging cost's £2.00 per case.

We can fit 20 bottles in each case. Strange number we know but them's the facts.